World Peace Meditation Day

World Peace Meditation Day World Peace Meditation Day World Peace Meditation Day is celebrated on December 31st every year. This is a holiday to meditate for world peace. People all over the world will meditate for World Peace at noon Greenwich Time on December 31st. World Peace Meditation Day rates 2 Giftys

Time Travelers Zazzle

Time Travelers On Zazzle Mr. Peabody, Sherman and The Wayback Machine Mr. Peabody and Sherman were Time Travelers in an animated show called Rocky and His Friends. They traveled through time in a Wabac or Wayback machine. You may have seen Fractured Fairy Tales which were also on that show. Here are

Forget Me Not Day

Forget Me Not Day Forget Me Not Day is celebrated on November 10th every year. Forget Me Not Day was created to honor soldiers and the sacrifices they have made to protect their nations. People also reconnect with people on Forget Me Not day to let them know they remember them, they

Take Back Your Time Day

Take Back Your Time Day Take Back Your Time Day is celebrated on October 24th every year. This holiday is about overwork and lack of time. Take Back Your Time Day is a day for taking time for yourself, to spend time with your kids, to go to the park, to plan

National Dictionary Day

National Dictionary Day October 16th is National Dictionary Day. National Dictionary Day honors Noah Webster who was born on October 16th. This post has a Thanksgiving definition pillow, a Free Merriam Webster Dictionary App, 2 parent definition coffee mugs, a vegan definition t-shirt, a Happiness definition mousepad and links to National Dictionary

A Peaceful Home

A Peaceful Home Introducing a video and home decor products that will help you to have a peaceful atmosphere in your home. The Velvet Polyester Peace & Love Pillow Was $60 And Is Now $19 At Gilt so it is a bargain. The set of 12 succulent plants is only $49 At

National Senior Citizens Day

National Senior Citizens Day is August 21st National Senior Citizens Day is a day to honor older people and recognize and appreciate their contributions to society. You could call an older person on the phone, text a message or send them an email. You could send them flowers or balloons. You could

But First, Meditate Top

But First, Meditate Top Jiva Meditate Oversized Muscle Tank 8144237 “But First, Meditate” Sleeveless Muscle Style Tank Top Jiva Meditate Oversized Muscle Tank 8144237 Was $40 Now $23.99 At SwimOutlet Wear a gentle reminder to meditate in style or give the meditation reminder top as a gift. Your spiritual practices will improve

National Book Lovers Day

National Book Lovers Day Is August 9th Do you know your way around a library? Visiting a library is a suggested outing for National Book Lovers Day! Have you ever been to this library before? Book Lover Poster Book Lover Poster by Sk8termom 15% Off With Promo Code ZCUSTOMSENDS Keep Calm And

Months Of Edible Celebrations

If you like holidays, partying, food, recipes and celebrations you will like this holiday website. Look at the Months Of Edible Celebrations website. You can see Louise V.’s Pinterest Widget on the upper left of the website. The widget displays July Celebrations & Events, one of Louise V.’s Pinterest boards. Months Of

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