Waffle Iron Day June 29th

Waffle Iron Day June 29th And Other Waffle Holidays Waffles are like pancakes that are cooked between two metal plates in a waffle iron. The pattern of the plates in the waffle iron is pressed on them. That pattern and the thickness of the waffle is a difference between waffles and pancakes.

Holiday Posts On Steemit

I have been writing some holiday posts and they are not always posted on the same website. If you don’t see a holiday post on this ShopNPrizes Blog you can look on my social websites. Here are some links to some of my holiday posts on Steemit. National Sunglasses Day Is June

Celebration Of The Senses Day

Celebration Of The Senses Day Is June 24th Celebration Of The Senses Day is a day to experience the sights and sounds where you are. Try to be mindful and look at what you see in the room. Notice what you see, feel, hear, smell or taste. Go for a mindfulness walk

Fairy Day June 24th

Fairy Day Is June 24th International Fairy Day Faery Folklore Postcard Faery Folklore Postcard by Creechers 15% Off With Promo Code TOTESANDHATS Fairy Day Rates 3 Giftys On Giftypedia Quoted From The Giftypedia Website: “Fairy Day celebrates these magical, mythological, and often mischievous creatures. This holiday falls around Midsummer near Summer Solstice

International T-Shirt Day Shirts

International T-Shirt Day Shirts On Zazzle National Pink Day And International T-Shirt Day If you like to wear pink and you like to wear t-shirts, two holidays are looming on the horizon for both the color pink and t-shirts. The holidays are International T-Shirt Day on June 21st and National Pink Day

International T-Shirt Day

International T-Shirt Day International T-Shirt Day Is June 21st, The First Day Of Summer What is your fave T-Shirt? You can wear your faves on this day, June 21st. You can pick out your funniest or cutest T-Shirts to wear for this holiday because it is International T-Shirt Day. You can wear

Work At Home Fathers Day

Work At Home Fathers Day Ah Ha Another Fathers Day To Celebrate! Today! It is Work At Home Fathers Day! The Work At Home Fathers Day holiday is celebrated on the Friday before Fathers Day. This makes the Fathers Day weekend a longer weekend since many of you work at home. Happy

National Fly A Kite Day

June 15th is National Fly A Kite Day. National Fly A Kite Day occurs on the day of Ben Franklin’s kite flying experiment and is also a celebration of the discovery of electricity. The June 15th holiday is also known as National Electricity Day. Kite Flying Day is another kite holiday celebrated

Smile Power Day

Smile Tomorrow is a Smiling Holiday. June 15th is Smile Power Day. Smiling is good for you. Smiling helps to relieve stress and improve your mood. Smiling is also a good exercise for your face that improves your appearance. Here are some of the many benefits of smiling from HealthyAndSmile.org and GreatSmiles.org:

Write To Your Fathers Day

Write To Your Fathers Day This Father holiday is celebrated a week before Fathers Day. Write To Your Fathers Day will help to remind you to buy and send Fathers Day cards. You and your youngsters can also create your own Fathers Day cards. You could also write a poem, type it

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