CyberMonday CyberMonday is celebrated on the Monday after Thanksgiving. CyberMonday is an online shopping day with big sales and discounts like the Black Friday sales in stores. CyberMonday is the beginning of the holiday shopping season. CyberMonday rates 4 Giftys on Giftypedia. There is a website named CyberMonday at with holiday

Take Back Your Time Day

Take Back Your Time Day Take Back Your Time Day is celebrated on October 24th every year. This holiday is about overwork and lack of time. Take Back Your Time Day is a day for taking time for yourself, to spend time with your kids, to go to the park, to plan

Babbling Day

Babbling Day Babbling Day is celebrated on October 21st every year. Babbling is baby talk like ma ma ma ma. Babbling is also talking quickly. You could enjoy some laughter therapy on Babbling Day by babbling ha ha ha ho ho ho or he he he. Babbling Day rates 2 Giftys on

Flower Of Life Mouse Pad

Flower Of Life Mouse Pad On Sale On Zazzle Now For 25% Off With The Promo Code BIZCARDSDEAL Flower Of Life Mouse Pad With Gold Flower Of Life On White & Beige Mouse Pad Only $12 On Zazzle You Also Get A 25% Discount With The Promo Code BIZCARDSDEAL Flower Of Life

Labor Day

Labor Day Silver Dress $27.99 At Zulily Labor Day is celebrated annually on the first Monday of September. Many people are off work so it is a 3 day weekend and it is the last day of summer for many children. There are parades, celebrations and lower prices in stores. School starts

National Waffle Week

National Waffle Week The first full week in September is National Waffle Week. A Disney Classic Mickey Mouse Mini Waffle Maker that makes Mickey Mouse waffles, a Kids Waffle Play Set, a Round Waffle Pillow, an I Love Waffles hat and an It’s Waffle Time t-shirt are in this Waffle Week post.

Virgo September

Virgo September People born between August 23rd and September 22nd are Virgos, they have Virgo sun signs. Virgo Print Was $30 Now $14.99 At Zulily Virgo Print. Show off your astrological sign with this high-quality cardstock print that’s ready to frame or attach to the wall. Â 11” W x 14” H

Born September 1st

Born September 1st People Born On The First Of September Have The Gift Of Gab Excerpt: “The September 1st birthday meanings show that you are articulate individuals. You have awesome verbal skills. It is very easy to for you to secure employment in radio or as a speaker.” Excerpt: “September 1 Birthday

Stay Out Of The Sun Day

Stay Out Of The Sun Day is celebrated on June 3rd. This holiday will help to protect you from the sun’s rays you may be exposed to on the Fourth of July. Some holidays work together like this one does. Since you may be out in the sun all day on the

Remembering National I Forgot Day

July 2nd is National I Forgot Day These forget me nots will help to remind you to remember National I Forgot Day. Brain Games : Tricks On How To Remember/Memorize Easily Video Zizhericles Channel On July 2nd we will be remembering I Forgot Day and in the future we will be remembering

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