World Peace Sign Posters

World Peace Posters World Peace Day is celebrated every year on September 21st. These World Peace posters are on sale for 15% off now on Zazzle. To get the lower price type the promo code ZAZFALLDEALS in when you check out. Zazzle products make great gifts because they can be customized and

International Day Of Peace

International Day Of Peace Peace Sign Earrings International Day Of Peace is celebrated every year on September 21st. This peace holiday is also known as World Peace Day. The holiday is for peace and non-violence. Cubic Zirconia Peace Sign Stud Earrings $12.90 At Express Keep it sparkly with these groovy cubic zirconia

Emma Nutt Day

National Emma M. Nutt Day Emma M. Nutt Day is celebrated annually on September 1st. Emma was the first woman telephone operator in the U.S. Emma started her telephone operator job on September 1st 1878 in Boston. The Woman Who Made History by Answering the Phone Jennifer Latson Time Article About Emma

National Toasted Marshmallow Day

The Beautiful Althaea Officinalis Marshmallow Plant National Toasted Marshmallow Day National Toasted Marshmallow Day has rolled around again and it is August 30th, National Toasted Marshmallow Day. This holiday is a celebration of the lovely white marshmallow which is partially made from the marshmallow plant, Althaea officinalis. Althaea officinalis is used for

More Herbs Less Salt Day

More Herbs Less Salt Day More Herbs Less Salt Day is celebrated on August 29th. This holiday encourages people to season their food with herbs and use less salt. Herbs are sprinkled on food to flavor dishes and are much better for health than salt. Consuming too much salt is not good

Just Because Day

Just Because Day Just Because Day is celebrated on August 27th. Just Because Day is a day to do something you don’t have to do, just because. You could try to say something kind to someone, help someone, do someone a favor or give someone a gift Just Because. You could call

National Senior Citizens Day

National Senior Citizens Day is August 21st National Senior Citizens Day is a day to honor older people and recognize and appreciate their contributions to society. You could call an older person on the phone, text a message or send them an email. You could send them flowers or balloons. You could

National Thrift Shop Day

National Thrift Shop Day Thrift Store Junkie Embroidered Baseball Cap Thrift Store Junkie Embroidered Baseball Cap by KCHippie 15% Off With Promo Code ZACCESSORIES August 17th is National Thrift Shop Day. You may find specials at local thrift stores. Liberty Thrift Stores are having a sale for National Thrift Shop Day with

Plastic Glowing Discs

A glowing Frisbee that can be thrown at night. Batteries are included. For ages 6 and older. August is Family Fun Month and this Nightzone Light Up Flying Disc would be a great gift for the whole family. Also check out the glowing Wham-O Frisbee that can be personalized on Zazzle. Toysmith

Happiness Happens Day

Here is something to smile about — August is Happiness Happens Month and August 8th is Happiness Happens Day! So get your smilers smiling for Happiness Happens Day! If you don’t feel like smiling get started by saying the letter E for 10 seconds or more. That exercise uses smiling muscles and

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