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Rahu Eclipse Ogre Sculpture

The Solar Eclipse that occurred on August 21st 2017 is a historical event. It will be recorded in history. People will have solar eclipse pictures and souvenirs. The solar eclipse pictures and souvenirs may become valuable collectibles. You can get souvenirs of the August 21st 2017 solar eclipse on Zazzle. You could add your name or where you saw the eclipse. You could send a Solar Eclipse T-Shirt to someone as a gift.

Here is a Vedic legend about eclipses in a coconut shell sculpture. The coconut shell sculpture is for sale at Novica an artisan marketplace with many unique handmade gifts.

Eclipse Ogre Sculpture Coconut By Eka
Was $70.95 Now $59.99 At Novica

The coconut shell sculpture features Kala Rahu who was an ogre who wanted to own the world and to be immortal according to Vedic legend. Rahu stole the amrita or elixir of immortality and the Sun and Moon deities sounded the alarm. Rahu was drinking the elixir but before he could swallow it, Lord Vishnu who had transformed into the beautiful Mohini goddess, beheaded him. Because Rahu had taken the elixir his head survived but not his body. It is said that Rahu tries to get revenge on the Sun and Moon deities by creating eclipses. The Kala Rahu coconut shell sculpture is set on an albesia wood stand. The sculpture was created by Eka.

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Solar Eclipse Videos On YouTube

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