Fairy Day June 24th

Fairy Day Is June 24th

International Fairy Day

Faery Folklore Postcard

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Fairy Day Rates 3 Giftys On Giftypedia
Quoted From The Giftypedia Website:
“Fairy Day celebrates these magical, mythological, and often mischievous creatures. This holiday falls around Midsummer near Summer Solstice which is a time of year when it is said that the world of humans and fairies thins and the two worlds can mingle together. William Shakespeare’s popular play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” takes place at Midsummer. Included in this play are Oberon and Titania, the king and queen of the fairies.”

Fairy Day On The Giftypedia Website

International Faerie Day On The Fae Magazine Website

This Faerie site lists Faerie events like Faerie Festivals and Faery Fayres. You can also shop at the FAE Shop and read about Faeries and Faery Folklore, Fashion, News, Oracles and Music.

Quoted From The Days Of The Year Website:
“Whether you see them as small winged tenders of the deep natural places of the earth, or as tall stately figures with fair skin and hair, there’s one thing for certain. The world has been absolutely captured by the Fairy Craze. These creatures appear on everything from mugs to t-shirts and have been the subject of children’s fairy tales and even supernatural romances. Fairy Day celebrates these incredible mythological creatures that have captured the imagination of people everywhere and their diverse history.”

International Fairy Day On The Days Of The Year Website


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Wildflower Fairy Card

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