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October 11th, 2017 by shopnprizes

National Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work And School Day

You and your kids will be proud to take your Suprizamals to work or school. The Suprizamals are made of 100% polyester. This Suprizamal Plush Toy Set includes one 9″ Suprizimal Mama and three 2.5″ Surprizaballs Babies. The Surprizamal Mama is pink and the Surprizaball babies are purple. The toy set was $19.99 and is now $17.99 at Zulily. The Surprizamals are popular collectible toys. Some of the Surprizamals are already sold out on the Surprizamal website.

Mama & Babies Surprizamal Plush Toy Set
Was $19.99 Now $17.99 At Zulily

Bulldog Four-Piece Surprizamal Plush Toy Set. Delight your little one with this soft-touch bulldog set complete with a mama and three little babies for more cuddles and pretending. Includes one 9″ Surprizamal and three 2.5″ Surprizaballs 100% polyester

National Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work And School Day is celebrated on the second Wednesday of October every year. Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work Day Rates 3 Giftys on Giftypedia. On this holiday you or your kids can dress up your teddy bears and take them to work or school. Remember to get some photos. The photos would look good in your albums or journals and on Instagram and Pinterest.

Decorate Cupcakes With Cookies & Candy — Make Teddy Bear Cupcakes

Teddy Bear Theme Activities For Kids On Kid Activities

National Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work And School Day
National Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work And School Day
Take Your Teddy Bear To Work Day

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October 6th, 2017 by shopnprizes

Caillou Halloween Trick Or Treat Bag Personalized With Name

Happy Halloween Caillou And Stars Trick-Or-Treat Bag In Red
Personalized Caillou and Stars Trick-Or-Treat Bag in Red
$17.99 At Bed Bath & Beyond

This brightly colored Happy Halloween Trick Or Treat Bag is personalized with the name Jessica and has a picture of Caillou. With the Prince of Imagination ready to go explore, this Caillou & Stars Trick-Or-Treat Bag is a perfect way for your young one to be ready for Halloween. This tote bag can be filled with candy and even has space at the bottom for a personalized name.

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October 5th, 2017 by shopnprizes

World Teachers Day

A Teacher’s Prayer Personalized Print
Was $20-$42 Now $11.99 At Zulily

‘Teacher’s Prayer’ Personalized Print. Teacher’s Prayer personalized artwork printed on premium paper.

World Teachers Day is celebrated every year on October 5th. The first week of May is National Teacher Appreciation Week.

World Teachers Day Rates 4 Giftys On Giftypedia

Teacher Words To Live By Magnet
Teach Praise & Inspire Express
Listen Challenge Create Ideas
50% Off With Promo Code ZPERFECTPAIR

50% Off With Promo Code ZPERFECTPAIR

Teachers Who Love Teaching Teach Children To Love Learning Quotation

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September 17th, 2017 by shopnprizes

Apple Dumpling Story For Kids From Stories To Grow By

The Apple Dumpling Short Story for Kids

There was once upon a time an old woman who wanted an apple dumpling for supper. She had plenty of flour and plenty of butter, plenty of sugar and plenty of spice for a dozen dumplings, but there was one thing she did not have; and that was apples.

She had plums, a tree full of them, the roundest and reddest that you can imagine; but, though you can make butter from cream and raisins of grapes, you cannot make an apple dumpling with plums, and there is no use trying.

The more the old woman thought of the dumpling the more she wanted it, and at last she dressed herself in her finest clothes and started out to seek a basket of apples.

Before she left home, however, she filled a basket with plums from her plum tree and covering it over with a white cloth, hung it on her arm, for she said to herself: “There may be those in the world who have apples, and need plums.”

She had not gone very far when she came to a poultry yard filled with fine hens and geese and guineas. Ca-ca, quawk, quawk, poterack! What a noise they made; and in the midst of them stood a young woman who was feeding them with yellow corn. She nodded pleasantly to the old woman, and the old woman nodded to her, and soon the two were talking as if they had known each other always.

The young woman told the old woman about her fowls and the old woman told the young woman about the apple dumpling and the basket of plums for which she hoped to get apples.

“Dear me,” said the young woman when she heard this, “there is nothing my husband likes better than plum jelly with goose, but unless you will take a bag of feathers for your plums he must do without, for that is the best I can offer you.”

“One pleased is better than two disappointed,” said the old woman. And she emptied the plums into the young woman’s apron and putting the bag of feathers into her basket trudged on as merrily as before; for she said to herself: “If I am no nearer the dumpling than when I left home, I am at least no farther from it; and that feathers are lighter to carry than plums nobody can deny.”

Trudge, trudge, up hill and down she went, and presently she came to a garden of sweet flowers: lilies, lilacs, violets, roses –oh, never was there a lovelier garden.

The old woman stopped at the gate to admire the flowers; and as she looked she heard a man and a woman quarreling.

“Cotton,” said the woman.

“Straw,” said the man.

“‘Tis not–“

“‘Tis!” they cried, and so it went between them, till they spied the old woman at the gate.

“Here is one who will settle the matter,” said the woman then; and she called to the old woman: “Good mother, answer me this: If you were making a cushion for your grandfather’s chair would you not stuff it with cotton?”

“No,” said the old woman.

“I told you so,” cried the man. “Straw is the thing, and ye need to go farther than the barn for it;” but the old woman shook her hand.

“I would not stuff the cushion with straw, either,” said she, and it would have been hard to tell which one was the more cast down by her answer, the man or the woman. But the old woman made haste to take the bag of feathers out of her basket, and give it to them.

“A feather cushion is fit for a king,” she said, “and as for me, an apple for a dumpling, or a bouquet from your garden will serve me as well as what I give.”

The man and the woman had no apples, but they were glad to exchange a bouquet from their garden of the loveliest flowers; lilies, lilacs, roses–oh! never was there a sweeter bouquet.

“A good bargain, and not all of it in the basket,” said the old woman, for she was pleased to have stopped the quarrel, and when she had wished the two good fortune and a long life, she went upon her way.

Now her way was the king’s highway, and as she walked there she met a young lord who was dressed in his finest clothes, for he was going to see his lady love. He would have been as handsome a young man as ever the sun shone on had it not been that his forehead was wrinkled into a terrible frown, and the corners of his mouth drawn down as if he had not a friend left in the whole world.

“A fair day and a good road,” said the old woman, stopping to drop him a curtsey.

“Fair or foul, good or bad, ’tis all the same to me,” said he, “when the court jeweler has forgotten to send the ring he promised, and I must go to my lady with empty hands.”

“So you shall have a gift for your lady,” said the old woman, “though I may never have an apple dumpling.” And she took the bouquet from her basket and gave it to the young lord which pleased him so much that the frown smoothed away from his forehead, and his mouth spread itself in a smile, and he was as handsome a young man as ever the sun shone on.

“Fair exchange is no robbery,” said he, and he unfastened a golden chain from round his neck and gave it to the old woman, and went away holding his bouquet with great care.

The old woman was delighted.

“With this golden chain I might buy all the apples in the king’s market, and then have something to spare,” she said to herself, as she hurried away toward town as fast as her feet could carry her.

But she had gone no farther than the turn of the road when she came upon a mother and children, standing in a doorway, whose faces were as sorrowful as her own was happy.

“What is the matter?” she asked as soon as she reached them.

“Matter enough,” answered the mother, “when the last crust of bread is eaten and not a farthing in the house to buy more.”

“Well-a-day,” cried the old woman when this was told her. “Never shall it be said of me that I eat apple dumpling for supper while my neighbors lack bread,” and she put the golden chain into the mother’s hands and hurried on without waiting for thanks.

She was not out of sight of the house, though, when the mother and children, every one of them laughing and talking merrily, overtook her.

“Little have we to give you,” said the mother who was the happiest of all, “for that you have done for us, but here is a little dog, whose barking will keep loneliness from your house, and our thanks goes with it.”

The old woman did not have the heart to tell them no, so into the basket went the little dog, and very snugly he lay there.

“A bag of feathers for a basket of plums; a bouquet of flowers for a bag of feathers; a golden chain for a bouquet of flowers; a dog for a golden chain; all the world is give and take, and who knows but that I may have my apple dumpling yet,” said the old woman as she hurried on.

And sure enough she had not gone a half dozen yards when, right before her, she saw an apple tree as full of apples as her plum tree was full of plums. It grew in front of a house as much like her own as if the two were peas in the same pod; and on the porch of the house sat a little old man.

“A fine tree of apples,” called the old woman as soon as she was in speaking distance of him.

“Aye, but apple trees and apples are poor company when a man is growing old,” said the old man, “and I would give them all if I had even so much as a little dog to bark on my door-step.”

“Bow-wow,” called the dog in the old woman’s basket, and in less time than it takes to read this story he was barking on the old man’s door-step, and the old woman was on her way home with a basket of apples on her arm.

“If you try long enough and hard enough, you can always have an apple dumpling for supper,” said the old woman, and she ate the dumpling to the very last crumb. And how she enjoyed it, too!

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September 16th, 2017 by shopnprizes

Day For Kids

Day For Kids is observed annually on the third Saturday in September. This holiday is dedicated to children and people are encouraged to spend time helping children on Day For Kids. Day For Kids is observed by spending time with kids, doing things that help kids or donating money or items to projects or charities for kids. You could find and register events at the Day For Kids website. Use #BoysAndGirlsClubDayForKids to post on social media. The Day For Kids website is at

The Boys and Girls Club of America has been working to establish a Day For Kids holiday in the U.S. that is dedicated to children. You can read more about the Day For Kids holiday initiative on the Boys and Girls Club Day For Kids website.

Day For Kids On The Boys And Girls Clubs Of America Website

Courtside Market Whimsical Flower II Canvas Wall Art
$42.99 At Bed Bath & Beyond

This creative portrayal of flowers will be the center of attention in any room in your home. Whimsical Flower II Canvas Wall Art has a great combination of the primary colors inside lavender, carnation and daisy plants.

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September 16th, 2017 by shopnprizes

National Play Doh Day

National Play Doh Day is celebrated every year on September 16th. This year, 2017, the Play Doh holiday is on a Saturday. PlayDoh was inducted into the Toy Hall Of Fame in 1998. Here is a link to PlayDoh in the Toy Hall Of Fame and the Best PlayDoh Party Ideas On Pinterest.

PlayDoh In The Toy Hall Of Fame, PlayDoh History

Best PlayDoh Party Ideas On Pinterest

National Play Doh Day Rates 3 Giftys On Giftypedia

Play-Doh Play ‘n Store Table
$29.99 At Target

Play time creativity zone with table and storage. With this convenient table, kids have a place to play and store their Play-Doh cans and tools. This all-in-one creative activity table is great for kids to be creative and play. With built-in half-molds, 8 Play-Doh cans, and more than 25 tools, there’s plenty of hands-on play to go around! Make basic shapes and animals with the cutters, create some Play-Doh ice cream treats with the extruder and dishes, and so much more. When the fun is done for the day, drop the tools and cans into the hinged doors for easy storage! Includes Play ‘n Store Table, presser, scissors, 9 animal cutters, 4 shape cutters, 6 stampers, 2 dishes, 2 cones, extruder with rail, plate, knife, fork, spoon, and 8 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound. All-in-one hands-on creativity table with easy storage. Fun half-mold shapes built into the table Cut, press and fill with over 25 tools A rainbow of 8 colors for lots of imagination Hinged doors easily store cans and tools Ages 3 years and older.

National Play Doh Day On National Day Calendar

National Play Doh Day On Days Of The Year

Play-Doh Starter Set
$7.99 At Target

Whether it’s your first Play-Doh experience or your millionth, sometimes a basic set of tools is all you need to jump-start your imagination. Cut, stamp, roll, and more with classic colors and accessories for lots of open-ended creative play. Best of all, this creativity kit comes in a great reusable storage tote that’s perfect to take on the go! Includes storage tote, 4 shape cutters, roller, scissors, plastic knife, rolling cutter, embossing tool, and 4 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound. Convenient creativity kit for on-the-go Play-Doh fun. Features 9 classic tools and 4 Play-Doh colors. Reusable tote keeps all the pieces together for storage or travel. Ages 3 and older

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September 11th, 2017 by shopnprizes

National Video Games Day

National Video Games Day is celebrated every year on September 12th. There is another Video Games Day on July 8th.

National Video Games Day Rates 3 Giftys On Giftypedia
National Video Games Day On Days Of The Year
National Video Games Day On National Day Calendar

My Arcade Retro Arcade Video Games
Was $30 Now $19.99 At Century21

This Retro Arcade plays 200 video games, has a 2.5″ color display and volume control. The plastic Arcade height is 6″. It requires 3 AAA batteries, not included

Video Games Day Rates 3 Giftys On Giftypedia

It’s A Beautiful Day Let’s Play Video Games Tote Bag
40% Off With Promo Code ZAZZLESALE50

40% Off With Promo Code ZAZZLESALE50

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September 9th, 2017 by shopnprizes

Wonderful Weirdos Day

Wonderful Weirdos Day is celebrated annually on September 9th. People are celebrating the weird, the unusual, paranormal and personality quirks today. We are not all alike. We appreciate our differences. Happy Wonderful Weirdos Day 2017!

50% Off With Zazzle Promo Code ZAZZLESALE50

Wonderful Weirdos Day Rates 2 Giftys On Giftypedia
Wonderful Weirdos Day On The Days Of The Year

You’re Weird Journal By Kate Peterson
$16 At Urban Outfitters

You’re Weird Journal By Kate Peterson

My Weird School Collection: Books 1 to 4
Was $16.99 Now $9.67 At HauteLook

The first four My Weird School books are packaged together in the best boxed set in the history of the world! Author: Dan Gutman. Illustrator: Jim Paillot. Paperback. Suitable for ages 6 years and older Harper Collins

Weird On Funny Tote Bag
40% Off With Promo Code ZAZZLESALE50

40% Off With Promo Code ZAZZLESALE50

Weirdo Hat 15% Off On Zazzle With Promo Code ZAZZLESALE50

Weirdo Embroidered Cap

This Balloon Celebration Canvas Print is 50% Off With The Promo Code ZAZZLESALE50. You can customize the art print by replacing Karen is Turning 4 with other words. You can also customize and personalize the canvas with other images and text.

Wonderful Weirdos Day
Balloon Celebration Canvas Print

50% Off With The Promo Code ZAZZLESALE50

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September 7th, 2017 by shopnprizes

International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day is celebrated annually on September 8th to increase awareness and concern for literacy issues. Concerned citizens may donate books to libraries, schools or thrift stores. You can volunteer to read stories to children in schools, libraries and orphanages. You can give free click donations to educational causes and many other charities and causes at

International Literacy Day Has 3 Giftys On Giftypedia

International Literacy Day On Time And Date

Think & Learn Smart Scan Word Dash Scanner & Smart Discs
With 3 Learn & Move Modes Of Play & 9 Smart Discs
$14.99 At Target

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Scan Word Dash

With 9 Smart Discs and 3 learn & move modes of play, Smart Scan Word Dash gets kids’ minds (and bodies) moving in so many fun ways! Spread out the Smart Discs on the floor, pick a play mode and see kids go! With the Smart Scanner in hand, they’ll be prompted to answer questions, build stories, play games and more with objects on the Smart Discs making countless connections as they learn the basics of literacy right on the “spot!”
1. Letters & Words. Directed play gets kids making connections between the letters, words & pictures they find on the Smart Discs.
2. Stories & Music. Encourages kids to come up with silly stories & poems, and even create their own songs in this open-ended play mode!
3. Games. Kids will enjoy playing new versions of some of their favorite games like “Red Light, Green Light” and “Follow the Leader,” and new games like “Fast Play”!
When kids are done playing, store all Smart Discs inside the storage case and attach it to the Smart Scanner. It’s so easy to clean up – and it’s so easy to pick up and play the next time! Smart Scan Word Dash is one of the new Think & Learn toys from Fisher-Price that goes beyond ABCs and 123s to help children learn how to think independently. Each toy fosters 21st century skills like curiosity, experimentation and problem solving in ways kids haven’t seen before. They’re engaged in hands-on, open-ended discovery that helps them become lifelong learners. For ages 3 to 6 years. Features: 3 learn & move modes encourage kids to search for specific objects, create their own songs & stories and play games through active, seek-and-find fun! 10 interactive activities! Smart Scanner scans each Smart Disc and provides audio cues & responses throughout play
Includes interactive Smart Scanner, 9 Smart Discs and handy storage case
Helps teach literacy, following directions and thinking skills
Smart Disc content is structured around common themes taught in preschool: jungle, desert and ocean
Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 3-6 Years
Playing Time: 5 Minutes
Number of Players: 2 Players
Level of Difficulty: Beginner

International Literacy Day September 8 Greeting Card

15% Off With Promo Code BIZCARDSDEAL

International Literacy Day September 8 Mouse Pad

25% Off With Promo Code BIZCARDSDEAL