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August 13th, 2017 by shopnprizes

Body Scan Meditation Video, Turquoise Heavily Meditated Top

Body Scans Are A Part Of Mindfulness Meditation
Make it a regular practice to scan your body from head to toe to release muscle tension and relieve stress. This will also help you to be more aware and and peaceful. You can also tense and release the muscles in your body from feet to head for a body scan.

Body Scan Meditation By GoZen

A Beginner’s Body Scan Meditation From The Website

Bright Turquoise Heavily Meditated Tank Top

You’ll look great in the studio in the Heavily Meditated Block Slouchy Tank Top. Whether you use it as a cover-up or wear it with your favorite pair of jeans, this tank is a must have for any yogi (or non-yogi!). Features Slouchy tank top. “Heavily Meditated” block letter graphic at chest. Scoop neckline. Thin shoulder straps. Runs slightly large; for a more fitted look, please size down. Made in the USA. Details Fabrics: 65% Polyester, 65% Viscose Colors: Turquoise, Green, Blue, Teal Style Length: Below Hip

Turquoise Heavily Meditated Tank Top
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Scan Your Body To Relieve Stress And Tension
Relax and become aware of the parts of your body from your feet to your head. This will help you to be more relaxed and aware and relieve stress. You will be more calm.

Reduce Stress With A Daily Body Scan Meditation

“In Mindfulness for Dummies, Shamash Alidina describes the body scan as a way to get in touch with the body, let go of feelings of needing to get stuff done, and release pent-up emotions. Just like other forms of meditation, the body scan also trains attention.”

The Quote Is From The Body Scan Practice On The Website

Turquoise Heavily Meditated Tank Top
Please Click The Link Or The Image For More Information Or To Buy

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July 16th, 2017 by shopnprizes

Optimized Self With Wearable Headband Elf Emmit Like Magic

Elf Emmit Almost Magic

Elf Emmit Article On The Sports Wearable Website

Elf Emmit is a new smart headband for your mind. The smart headband monitors your activities and helps you by relieving stress, improving your focus, helping you to meditate, improving your learning and helping you to sleep. Elf Emmit functions in Concentration, AntiStress, Meditation, SuperLearning and Sleep Modes. Elf Emmit works with your smart phone or tablet.

Elf Emmit stimulates your mind with harmless non-invasive electromagnetic pulses to synchronize your mind with activities you are engaged in. Elf Emmit helps you to relax, relieves stress and helps you to be more efficient. Elf Emmit enables you to function better and to be a more calm, capable person. Elf Emmit uses patented pulsed electromagnetic therapy known as PEMS.

Look at these videos for more information about Elf Emmit or click links or images to learn more about Elf Emmit.

Elf Emmit Video

Synchronize Your Mind With Elf Emmit Video

Elf Emmit is available for sale on Amazon for $129.99. Click the image or link for more information about Elf Emmit or click this link:

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You Could Save $70 And Get Free Shipping

Wisewear Activity Tracker Bangle Kingston
$295 At Nordstrom

Wisewear Kingston Activity Tracker Bangle
Here is a helpful activity tracker bracelet. This beauty tracks your steps and calories, alerts you about smartphone activity and sends distress messages. In case of injury or danger a distress message with your location is sent for help.
Brand: WISEWEAR. Style Name: Wisewear Kingston Activity Tracker Bangle. Style Number: 5351136_1. Available in stores.

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