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October 13th, 2017 by shopnprizes

LadyCare & Yoogen

The LadyCare MN8 Menstrual Therapy Device

LadyCare MN8 Magnetic Therapy Device
Miracle Therapy Gives Natural Menstruation Relief

Yoogen Menstrual Cramps Band
Women’s Cramp Eliminating Band
$50 At AhaLife

Yoogen is the first pain-relief wrap for eliminating menstrual cramps in less than 5-minutes. Say goodbye to period cramps & hello to your C-Spot. Based on the principles of acupuncture, Yoogen places pressure on The Cramp Spot and works with the energetic systems of your body to relieve the pain you experience during menstruation.

The MN8 is a small drug free magnetic therapy device that is attached discreetly to your underwear. It is designed specifically to combat period pain and other symptoms of menstruation.

Wearing MN8 may also boost your body naturally, giving you softer skin, shiny hair and stronger nails. Other benefits may include a reduction in water retention or bloating, less facial spots and breast tenderness. Even a reduction in PMS or “mood swings”.

Every month simply attach your MN8 to your under clothes in the pelvic area at least a day before and during menstruation or use continuously for severe long term pain including endometriosis. For breast tenderness, wear your MN8 inside your bra.

It has been reported for many years that MN8 helps with Endometriosis.

The MN8 Magnetic Therapy Device
Designed specifically to combat period pain and other symptoms of menstruation.
No need to plug in or recharge. Works everywhere. Period pain relief treatment and PMS symptoms
MN8 may also help with breast tenderness, reduce facial spots, endometriosis, water retention & bloating.
The MN8 is good for at least 5 years. The helpful device costs less than $1 a month.

The MN8 On Amazon

Every month simply attach your MN8 to your under clothes in the pelvic area at least a day before and during menstruation. For breast tenderness, wear your MN8 inside your bra. MN8 may be the only thing you need to reduce or completely eliminate period pain. MN8 is a small, powerful, drug free magnetic button, which discreetly attaches to your underwear. How does my MN8 work? Wearing MN8 may also boost your body naturally, giving you softer skin, shiny hair and stronger nails. Other benefits may also include: a reduction in water retention or bloating, less facial spots and breast tenderness. Even a reduction in PMS or ‘mood swings’.

The MN8 On Amazon

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October 10th, 2017 by shopnprizes

World Mental Health Day

Anthropologie Do One Thing Every Day That Centers You: A Mindfulness Journal
$12.95 At Anthropologie

This journal is filled with prompts, quotes and bits of advice for those looking to reflect on experiences. It’s a guide to mindful appreciation of places and people – and offers an interactive investigation of inner peace, solace and meaning that will elevate your state of mind.

World Mental Health Day is celebrated on October 10th every year. World Mental Health Day is a day to increase awareness of mental health and to reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues. There is a link to a Depression Rife Frequencies Video, an Acupressure Points Video, a Mental Health Awareness – Love, Peace, Awareness T-Shirt, a Mindfulness Journal and Walk For Mental Health Leggings.

Mentally Exhausted Drop Earrings
Were $19 Now $13.30 At JCPenney

Mentally Exhausted Drop Earrings

World Mental Health Day Rates 2 Giftys On Giftypedia

Mental Illness Awareness Week Is The First Full Week In October

Acupressure Points For Mental Focus Calm Clarity Memory Video

Mental Health Awareness – Love, Peace, Awareness T-Shirt

30% Off with Promo Code ZAZZLESAVE40

Depression Rife Frequencies Bioresonance Video

The Walk For Mental Health Leggings

40% Off with Promo Code ZAZZLESAVE40

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September 17th, 2017 by shopnprizes

Pilates Wrist Weight Kit Was $14.95 Now $9.99

Pink I Love Pilates Hat 40% Off With Promo Code

See On Zazzle

Wai Lana Pilates Yoga Wrist Weight Kit 8128145

Was $14.95 Now $9.99

Improve your practice with the Pilates Yoga Wrist Weight Kit. With the incorporation of the wrist weights with your exercises, you can help strengthen and firm your upper body. This kit will also help you get lean, well-defined muscles and a strong back.
Kit includes: – Padded wrist weights – Wrist weight workout DVD Details Designed For: All Yoga Types, Strengthening Weight: 1 lb DVD Length: 45 Minutes

Pink I Love Pilates Hat

40% Off With Promo Code ONEDAYSALE40

See On Zazzle

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September 13th, 2017 by shopnprizes

Body Vibes The Bio-Energy Patches

Body Vibes The Bio-Energy Patches 10 Pack at Free People
$60 At Free People

Bio-Energy Synthesis Technology Bio-Energy Patch
**Body Vibes**
Body Vibes are smart stickers programmed to deliver natural frequencies with a goal of harmonizing and balancing the human body. Body vibes stickers are programmed with specific sub-harmonic frequencies to target a particular lifestyle concern. Each sticker is programmed with one of the Solfeggio frequencies in a symbiotic combination of other supporting harmonic frequencies. **The Bio-Energy Patch was originally developed by a group of homeopathic doctors and engineers. The group set out to use Frequency Technology to re-balance the human body and restore systemic deficiencies in humans. The engineering became known as Bio-Energy Synthesis Technology.** * Each smart sticker = about 1″ diameter. * Intended for all skin types. * Non-toxic. Do not apply to sensitive skin, near eyes or if you have an allergic reaction to adhesives. The adhesive used is the same FDA-approved skin adhesive used in most bandages.

* **How to Use:** Should be worn close to the left side of your heart or above it. Key placements are: left shoulder, upper back, upper left arm and chest. For those more sensitive to changes in their homeostasis, the recommended placement is inside the lower arm- above the wrist or on the right side of the body. The exact placement of Body Vibes may vary for each individual user.

**Anti-Anxiety** * Frequency: 396 hz * Chakra Association: Root * Emotional Association: To Liberate Guilt & Fear * This frequency has been said to release feelings of anxiety and nervous tension.
**At The Beach** * Frequency: 639 hz * Chakra Association: Heart * Emotional Association: To Harmonize Relationships * This frequency is said to heal conflict and to connect us to others.
**Energy** * Frequency: 417 hz * Chakra Association: Sacral * Emotional Association: To Facilitate Change * This frequency is believed to assist with endurance and empowerment.
**Focus** * Frequency: 741 hz * Chakra Association: Throat * Emotional Association: To increase productivity * This frequency is thought to enhance creativity, communication and mental acuity.
**Beauty** * Frequency: 852 hz * Chakra Association: Third Eye * Emotional Association: To Restore Spiritual Order * It’s said to bring inner peace, strength and to reflect light and beauty.
**Self-Love** * Frequency: 528 hz * Chakra Association: Solar Plexus * Emotional Association: To Assist with Transformation & Miracles * The “love” frequency is believed to spread love and peace and self compassion.
Sticker Material: Mylar embedded with carbon alloy fragments and crystalline structures

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August 29th, 2017 by shopnprizes

15 Minute Manifestation Program Free Trial

Free Trial Abundance Manifestation Program

15 Minute Manifestation Program
Bring Abundance Into Your Mind, Into Your Life And Into Your Subconscious Mind With This Fabulous Program

Reprogram Your Brain With This Easy To Use Program

Cherry Blossom Snow Globe Abundance $48 At Uncommon Goods

Enjoy the feeling of fresh abundance with this cherry blossom snow globe. The pale pink blossoms seem like a dazzling array of springtime. With a shake you will enjoy miniature flurries of sweet, pink petals all year round.

Get What You Want With This 15 Minute Manifestation Program
Look At This Presentation To Learn More And Start Your Adventure

Change Your Life In 15 Minutes A Day With Headphones And The 15 Minute Manifestation Program
Free Gift
15 Minute Manifestation Program
Click For Your Free Gift!

I want to share this new book written by Eddie Sergey, who is a truly self-made and financially abundant entrepreneur.

He is living a bountiful life where he feels abundant in all aspects of his life..  be it health, wealth or love.

Highlights of this fascinating book:

– The FIRST STEP you must take to be a creator of your
own destiny.. where success can be ANYTHING you
can envision (Pg. 5)

– This ONE THING you must expunge from your life
if you wish to attain abundance. (See Chapter 2)

– The “P______ Effect” and how YOU can harness this to
shape your destiny. (Pg. 13)

– You’re stuck with the brain you were born with? Wrong!!
Start changing it in 17 seconds, TODAY. (Chapter 4)

– Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you?
You are NOT alone! Instead of Law of Attraction,
many are using this less-publicized universal law,
which is FAR more powerful and reliable! (Pg. 20)

Link to download it for free now!
Free Download

No tricks. Just real techniques for success and abundance.

Eddie was planning to list this white-hot ebook on and Kindle for $37. You can also get the ebook from links in this post. He also is letting some lucky people download the book for a free trial period. You can download this wonderful book now for a week free.

Click here to get the Manifestation Wizardry ebook]
Free Manifestation Download

Learn About The Law Of Attention And Learn How To Believe In Abundance With An Easy 15 Minutes A Day With Headphones 15 Minute Manifestation Program

Enjoy The Wealth And Happiness You Deserve With This Program
Free Gift

Listen To Uplifting Tones And Affirmations For Abundance And Success
Feel And Experience Abundance, Happiness And Success

Be And Feel Positive!

Instant Download! One Time Payment!

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August 29th, 2017 by shopnprizes

More Herbs Less Salt Day

More Herbs Less Salt Day is celebrated on August 29th. This holiday encourages people to season their food with herbs and use less salt. Herbs are sprinkled on food to flavor dishes and are much better for health than salt. Consuming too much salt is not good for your health. People who have high blood pressure should not eat too much salt. You can reduce the amount of salt in your diet by eating less processed foods and eating out less. You can also have an herb shaker on the table to use with or instead of salt.

More Herbs Less Salt Day Has Two Giftys On Giftypedia
More Herbs Less Salt Day On Days Of The Year

Recipes And Methods For Eating More Herbs And Less Salt

This No Salt Herb Seasoning Recipe could help to reduce the amount of sodium in your diets. You could combine the ingredients quickly and keep them in a shaker. Making this no salt seasoning would be good for your health, your family and your longevity. You could keep the seasoning in some spice jars that are also in this post. You could also add other herbs and spices that you like. Some good ingredients to add to this recipe would be rosemary, mace, lemon zest, celery seed, oregano, ginger and chives.

No Salt Herb Seasoning Recipe

1 tbsp. garlic powder (not garlic salt)
1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper
1 tsp. ground basil
1 tsp. ground marjoram
1 tsp. ground thyme
1 tsp. ground parsley
1 tsp. ground savory
1 tsp. ground nutmeg
1 tsp. onion powder (not onion salt)
1 tsp. black pepper
1 tsp. ground sage
Combine all the seasonings. Pour into a salt shaker. Use this seasoning in place of salt.
This is a link to this No Salt Herb Seasoning Recipe at

2 Herb Shaker Caps
Set of 2 Plastic Shaker Lids
$1.99 At Target

These Herb Shaker Caps were originally released in 2013 with 4 ounce glass jars for herb storage. These handy Plastic Herb Shaker Lids can be purchased separately. The lids lock open to make pouring easy. They are made of BPA-free plastic. The versatile Shaker Lids are great for dry storage or pouring spices, herbs and sprinkles.

Set Of 2 Herb Shaker Caps

Chefible Herb & Spice Shakers Set Of 4 Only $13.29 On Amazon Chalk Pen & Labels

These Chefible Spice Jars have versatile lids with two openings with different sized holes for easy dispensing. This set contains a chalk pen and label pack so you can label the shakers with white on black labels. The bottles are 5″ x 2″. You can store herbs, spices and rubs in these shakers. They are made of good quality durable plastic.
Click For More Information Or To Buy

This Women’s Eat More Basil Hoodie Dress is a comfy modern stylish dress with pockets and a hood. The dress could be worn by itself or layered. You could also wear this dress to celebrate More Herbs Less Salt Day.

Eat More Basil Hoodie Dress

15% Off With Promo Code DEALOFZDAY50

Herbs And Spices T-Shirt

15% Off With Promo Code DEALOFZDAY50

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August 24th, 2017 by shopnprizes

Solar Eclipse Videos On YouTube

Rahu Eclipse Ogre Sculpture

The Solar Eclipse that occurred on August 21st 2017 is a historical event. It will be recorded in history. People will have solar eclipse pictures and souvenirs. The solar eclipse pictures and souvenirs may become valuable collectibles. You can get souvenirs of the August 21st 2017 solar eclipse on Zazzle. You could add your name or where you saw the eclipse. You could send a Solar Eclipse T-Shirt to someone as a gift.

Here is a Vedic legend about eclipses in a coconut shell sculpture. The coconut shell sculpture is for sale at Novica an artisan marketplace with many unique handmade gifts.

Eclipse Ogre Sculpture Coconut By Eka
Was $70.95 Now $59.99 At Novica

The coconut shell sculpture features Kala Rahu who was an ogre who wanted to own the world and to be immortal according to Vedic legend. Rahu stole the amrita or elixir of immortality and the Sun and Moon deities sounded the alarm. Rahu was drinking the elixir but before he could swallow it, Lord Vishnu who had transformed into the beautiful Mohini goddess, beheaded him. Because Rahu had taken the elixir his head survived but not his body. It is said that Rahu tries to get revenge on the Sun and Moon deities by creating eclipses. The Kala Rahu coconut shell sculpture is set on an albesia wood stand. The sculpture was created by Eka.

Please Click The Images Or The Links For More Information Or To Buy

Solar Eclipse Videos On YouTube

25 Solar Eclipse Facts You Didn’t Know
List 25 Channel

6 Strange Things That Happen During A Solar Eclipse
Beyond Science Channel

Are You Experiencing These Physical Symptoms After The Solar Eclipse?
Tina Harmon
Higher Self Channel

Total Solar Eclipse 8.21.2017 USA Add Your State T-Shirt

15% Off With Promo Code ZAZZLEMAIL50

Video About The Solar Eclipse & Your Zodiac Sign
Here’s How the Solar Eclipse Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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August 20th, 2017 by shopnprizes

Foreo Luna 2 for Sensitive Skin
Portable High Tech Cleansing & Anti-Aging System

Foreo Luna 2 for Sensitive Skin
High Tech Portable Cleansing & Anti-Aging System
$199 At Macy’s

Please Click The Images Or Links For More Information Or To Buy

Tighten and lift your skin when you cleanse it with portable high tech Foreo Luna. Your skin looks more firm and lifted after you cleanse your skin with Foreo Luna. The Foreo Luna features an Anti Aging Mode with low frequency pulsations that improve your skin. You will look younger and prettier after 2 minute daily skincare rituals with your Luna.

Cleanse your face the new modern way with high tech Foreo Luna. The Luna removes 99.5% of dirt and impurities while being 35 times more hygienic than your standard bristled facial-cleansing brushes. These Foreo Luna devices not only bring high-tech into skincare, but can go wherever you go. The Luna 2 is an enhanced T-Sonic facial-cleansing and anti-aging system in a revolutionary design for completely personalized cleansing. Our next-generation cleansing brush utilizes up to 2 times the T-Sonic™ power to unclog pores of makeup residue, dirt, and oil, improving the absorption of your favorite skincare products. Its reverse anti-aging side uses lower-frequency pulsations to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as leaves the skin looking firm and lifted. The LUNA™ 2 range features 4 specialized brush types for a tailor-made experience. The LUNA™ 2 for Sensitive Skin model features thin, soft touch-points designed to minimize abrasion for the most sensitive skin yet still deliver deep cleansing that doesn’t compromise on gentleness. Indulge in a gentle 2-minute daily skincare ritual and enjoy a more luminous, refined and youthful look.
Even softer touch-points are extremely gentle on the skin
Ultra-hygienic silicone is nonporous to resist bacteria buildup
35X more hygienic than standard cleansing brushes
50% bigger brush head for more efficient cleansing
Flexible brush cleanses hard-to-reach areas
Longer touch-points extend reach and enhance softness
Plush silicone body for greater comfort and performance
8,000 T-Sonic™ (transdermal sonic) pulsations per minute at 2 times the power
Delivers the deepest cleansing possible while staying gentle on the skin
Lower-frequency pulsations target wrinkle-prone areas
Smoothes and firms the appearance of the skin
No replacement brush heads needed
2-Year Limited Warranty
10-Year Quality Guarantee
100% waterproof for use in bath or shower

Foreo Luna 2 for Sensitive Skin
Portable High Tech Cleansing & Anti-Aging System

Foreo Luna 2 is also available for Normal Skin and Combination Skin. You can also get a Mini Luna 2 for only $139.

Foreo Luna 2 for Sensitive Skin
High Tech Portable Cleansing & Anti-Aging System
$199 At Macy’s

Please Click The Images Or Links For More Information Or To Buy

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August 18th, 2017 by shopnprizes

Flower Of Life Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Stainless Steel Locket Pendant 24″ Chain + 4 Essential Oils (Lavender, Peppermint, Inner Calm, Zen) Gift Set

Gift Boxed Diffuser Necklace With Four Essential Oils & Refill Pads

Aromatherapy Essential Oils and Diffuser Necklace Gift Set

Link To Diffuser Necklace Gift Set On Amazon

Unique Aromatherapy Essential Oils and Diffuser Necklace Gift Set for you or to give as a gift. The gift set includes a beautifully crafted Diffuser necklace with four 5 ml bottles of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and ten refill pads packaged in a finely crafted gift box.
Premium Stainless Steel Locket and 24 inch chain is made from hypo-allergenic surgical grade 316L stainless steel for a durable jewelry product made to last a lifetime.
Therapeutic Premium Grade Essential Oils To Enjoy. The 100% Pure Therapeutic Premium Grade Lavender, Peppermint, Zen, Inner Calm (blend of Lavender, Orange, Patchouli, Jasmin and Bergamot) and Inner Calm (Blend of Geranium, Clove Bud, Patchouli,Lavender, Orange) Essential Oils will ease your spirit, mind and body and make your home have a soothing pleasant atmosphere.
Great Gift Set Gift For You, Family, Friend! All in one Aromatherapy on the go to gift yourself or your loved ones
Guaranteed Satisfaction: Two strong magnets closure and solid back insure you never have to worry about getting oil on your clothes. This is a great gift set that you can buy with confidence!

This Aromatherapy Essential Oils and Diffuser Necklace Gift Set would be a great gift for yourself and friends and families!
Link To Diffuser Necklace Gift Set On Amazon