Chakra Balance

Chakra Balance Are your chakras balanced? Meditation could help to balance your chakras. There are links to some videos in this post that could help. You can check your chakra balance with a chakra balance test. There’s also a link to a Chakra Test on a chakra website. You can also see

Zero Tasking Day

Zero Tasking Day Paperweight Today Is Going To Be The Best Day Ever $26 At Francesca’s The Today Is Going To Be The Best Day Ever Paperweight is the perfect addition for your desk! The paperweight would be a great gift for people who like affirmations. Zero Tasking Day is celebrated

Halloween Shirts

Halloween Shirts Women’s Halloween Shirts At Reduced And Affordable Prices For Halloween Fun Look at the Smiling Orange Pumpkin Shirt, Sequin Pumpkin Shirt, Pretty Autumn Leaves Stack Of Pumpkins Plus Shirt, Smiling Pumpkin Winks Shirt and Happy Halloween Pumpkins Bats Orange Moon T-Shirt. Women’s City Streets Halloween Graphic T-Shirt $7 At JCPenney

Cheeseburger Chair Backpacks Totes

Wow Works Cheeseburger Medium Bean Bag Chair $61.99-$96.99 At Bed Bath & Beyond Add playful seating to your home with the Cheeseburger Bean Bag Chair by Wow Works. Stuffed with polysterine beads, this soft and lightweight chair looks comfy and spiffy with a fun burger image that is sure to make you

Raspberry Cardigan

Raspberry Ribbed Open Front Cardigan By Context Raspberry Cardigan Sweater Raspberry Ribbed Open Front Cardigan By Context Was $74 Now $27.75 At Lord & Taylor Dark Raspberry, Olive Boot, Apple Cinnamon, Black Ribbed Open Front Cardigan Layer in style with this casual open front cardigan with asymmetrical hem. This pretty cardigan is

Chrysanthemums In Resin Necklaces

Nature’s Beauty Preserved In Resin Handmade Chrysanthemum Necklaces National Chrysanthemum Day National Chrysanthemum Day is September 9th, the 9th day of the 9th month. These natural chrysanthemum necklaces with chrysanthemum flowers preserved in resin would make great gifts for this holiday. There are red, pink, violet, blue and white chrysanthemums that have

T-Shirts 40% Off

T-Shirts 40% Off September 6th is National Read A Book Day. This is a link to a Read A Book Day post on ShopNPrizes Zazzle is having a big sale with 40% off t-shirts and 15% off many other items. These T-Shirts are 40% off on Zazzle now with the promo

Alternate Reality Shirts 40% Off

Alternate Reality Shirts On Zazzle On ShopNPrizes Now 40% Off With The Promo Code ZAZTEEDEAL40. The Parallel Universe Shirts in this previous ShopNPrizes blog post are on sale now for 40% off with the promo code ZAZTEEDEAL40. The shirts come in many styles, sizes and colors for men, women and children. They

Parallel Universe Shirts

Parallel Universe Shirts On Zazzle Excerpt From “A parallel universe or alternative reality is a hypothetical self-contained separate reality coexisting with one’s own. A specific group of parallel universes is called a ‘multiverse’, although this term can also be used to describe the possible parallel universes that constitute reality. While the

Snow White Video

Snow White Story Video Snow White Story Read Along Kids Video Tales With Gigi Channel The Snow White illustrated fairy tale for children in a read along video version. Listen to the story of a young girl named Snow White who found a shelter in a small house in the woods. In

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