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October 7th, 2017 by shopnprizes

Sphere Social Network With Visa Debit Card

Sphere Social Network — Earn Social ActivityTokens — Sphere Visa Debit Card

Get $5 for Joining The Sphere Social Network Where You Earn SATs, Social Activity Tokens you can use with a Sphere Visa Debit Card. You also get $5 for referrals and you can sell items in the Marketplace. Sphere is scheduled to launch on November 25, 2017. You can buy SATs at a lower presale price before the launch.

$5 For Joining $5 For Referrals Sphere Visa Debit Card

Sphere is a decentralized social network with SATs, Social Activity Tokens. You get $5 when you join and you get $5 for referrals. Membership is free. 20 SAT = $1 USD at the Initial Coin Offering. Sphere members can get and use a Sphere Visa Debit Card. You can transfer your SATs to the Sphere Debit card. You can keep your SATs in an Ethereum wallet like MyEtherWallet, Mist or Parity. SAT is also traded on exchanges like, and The SATs must be maintained in an ERC20 compliant Ethereum wallet to take advantage of the dividends.

Sphere Social Network Video

Sphere has a marketplace. You can sell something you own in the marketplace. You can take a picture of it and post it for sale in the marketplace. You can buy items in the marketplace with SATs. The Sphere App is available on Google Play.

Sphere Announcement On The BitCoin Talk Forum

Join Sphere And Get $5 In Your Account For Joining

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September 11th, 2017 by shopnprizes

National Video Games Day

National Video Games Day is celebrated every year on September 12th. There is another Video Games Day on July 8th.

National Video Games Day Rates 3 Giftys On Giftypedia
National Video Games Day On Days Of The Year
National Video Games Day On National Day Calendar

My Arcade Retro Arcade Video Games
Was $30 Now $19.99 At Century21

This Retro Arcade plays 200 video games, has a 2.5″ color display and volume control. The plastic Arcade height is 6″. It requires 3 AAA batteries, not included

Video Games Day Rates 3 Giftys On Giftypedia

It’s A Beautiful Day Let’s Play Video Games Tote Bag
40% Off With Promo Code ZAZZLESALE50

40% Off With Promo Code ZAZZLESALE50

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August 28th, 2017 by shopnprizes

According To Hoyle Day

According To Hoyle Day is celebrated annually on August 29th. The holiday honors Edmond Hoyle who wrote books with the rules for playing some card games. He died on August 29th in 1769. His first book explained the rules of an 18th and 19th century card game called Whist.

According To Hoyle Day Rates Two Giftys On Giftypedia
According To Hoyle Day On Time And Date

Hoyle® Kids Game Value Pack 6pk
Learning Skills Card Games
$6.99 At Target

Play is important, connecting and fun. Play is a great way for kids to learn. Hoyle 6-In-1 Fun Pack contains six classic unique-themed kids card games! These games develop learning skills like matching, color identification, counting, A-Z letters, making pairs, taking turns, recognition and more! Lots of fun, all in one
Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 3 Years and Older
Includes: Card games
Playing Time: 15 Minutes
Number of Players: 2 or More Players
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Please Click The Images Or Links For More Information Or To Buy

Hoyle’s Rules Of Games Guide On Amazon $7.98

According To Hoyle Rules T-Shirt

15% Off With Promo Code BIZCARDSDEAL

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August 8th, 2017 by shopnprizes

Earn For Fitness

Achievemint App

Members earn money for fitness activities with Achievemint. You can also earn for meditating with Stop, Breathe & Think and for Tweeting. You can track your activities with your phone without wearing a fitness app and you can sync a wearable with Achievemint. When you Tweet about healthy activities you also earn points on Achievemint. When you connect fitness apps to Achievemint you can also connect your Twitter account.

On the Achievement website you sync your Achievemint account with Twitter or Foursquare to earn points. Then you can earn points by tweeting about health or fitness with the tag @achievement using health or fitness terms like exercise, walking, health foods. You can also earn points for checking in at health or fitness places like gyms, health clubs or parks.

The Achievemint App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes.

You can claim your reward after you have completed your account profile and reached 10,000 points. After you have 10,000 points you can click a Redeem Your Reward button on your Achievement home page. You can get the reward with PayPal or GiftRocket.

Warning: Exercise Has Been Known To Cause Health And Happiness Poster

The website is being updated and you can see more about Achievemint at

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April 16th, 2017 by shopnprizes

What Type Of Pizza Matches Your Personality?

What Should Your Zodiac Sign Really Be?

Personality Test Video On YouTube
10 Photos To Test Your Personality
The Talko

Personality Test Video On YouTube
What Are You Drawn To?
Mind Oddities

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April 16th, 2017 by shopnprizes

Your Own Facebook Store With Facebook Store Builder

Facebook Store Builder

Facebook Store Builder – Instant Facebook Store Builder

Using Facebook Store Builder, You Can Turn Your Facebook Page Into A Money Making Amazon Store In 3 Easy Steps. Give Life To Your Facebook Fanpage Using Facebook Storebuilder. The Package Includes Easy To Use Store Builder Application And Video Tutorials.

A Simple App with a High Potential

FB Store Builder is a Bookmarklet Application that can be added directly to your Web Browser. You can Install it in all Major Web browsers. Firefox, Chrome or Opera browsers are recommended for maximum performance.

You Can Build a Mini Facebook Store in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 : Create a Facebook page

You can create a Facebook page within 3 minutes. Just follow our Video Tutorials.

Step 2 : Insert Iframe Tab in Your Facebook page

This Step takes less than 60 Seconds. Our Video Tutorial will guide you.

Step 3 : Use Our App – Copy & Paste the Generated Code

This Step takes 3 to 10 minutes – depending on how many items you add to your online Mini store. Our Video Tutorial will show you every step. Our Staff will provide additional support if necessary.

Once You Follow those 3 Simple Steps, your FB Store will start working 24/7 taking Orders. Your Affiliate Store will start spreading all over the Social Media like a Virus.

Screenshot Of The App Interface

Installation of the app is very easy. Drag and drop the App button to your Web Browser. The App works in Windows and Mac. The Video Tutorials will show you how to Set Up This App in Your Browser within 1 minute.

You can have Facebook Stores in different Niches.

What You Will Get

1) FB Store Builder App (Bookmarklet Application)

2) Six Video Tutorials Teaching You Each & Every Step.

3) A Quick Start Guide (PDF File)

4) Free Software Updates for a year

5) Priority Technical Support

6) 60 Days Money back guarantee

Click This Image For More Information Or Click The Link

Click Here Click Here

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